NeuroCorrect Therapy for Addiction, Depression and PTSD


NeuroCorrect Neurofeedback Therapy is an alternative treatment option over medications when dealing with depression or PTSD. NeuroCorrect Neurofeedback Therapy works primarily by monitoring brainwaves on the surface of your head. To start, small electrodes are placed on your scalp. These electrodes have a paste on them which makes it easier to pick up brainwave patterns. For 20 minutes per session, the patient watches a movie of your choice, listens to music or listens to an audio book. That is all that is required. The NeuroCorrect system will record the patients brainwaves, depending on what it finds, the system triggers a response that changes the movie or music. This change is not annoying, but it is subtle enough to get their attention. Refocusing corrects the irregular brainwaves, which then moves their brainwaves into the normal range. At that time the movie or music will resume normally. This process is called Operant Conditioning. Over the course of multiple sessions, the brain eventually learns to make healthy patterns on it’s own. NeuroCorrect Neurofeedback Therapy is non-invasive, uses no drugs and does not involve any radiation.


NeuroCorrect Neurofeedback Therapy treatment plans involves many sessions. NeuroCorrect Therapy can be a commitment of 20 to 30 visits to your doctors office. Results do not come quickly. In more cases, it takes 8-10 sessions before you start to notice improvements.


NeuroCorrect has been proven to help with PTSD and depression but if you or a family member need urgent suicide prevention services and cannot wait for a treatment plan recommendation or schedule.


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