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NeuroCorrect Neurofeedback is a powerful, compact neurofeedback system. By leveraging improvements in dry and wet sensor technology, NeuroCorrect makes it easy to access and use brainwave data, inside and outside the laboratory and in real world environments.


Neurofeedback is used by brain researchers at some of the world’s top research institutes. As a powerful research tool, Muse adds new versatility to brain research, allowing rapid EEG data collection from many more participants than previously achievable. In a study conducted by the Rotman Research Institute, more than 6000 participants shared their brain data with neuroscientists in a 12-hour period, while researchers at McMaster University have reported on the dynamics of brain age in EEG data helping people with ADHD, anxiety and memory Loss.


Characterizing Population EEG Dynamics throughout Adulthood


A study by researchers at McMaster University involving more than 6000 participants found population-level effects in brain data related to age and gender, giving scientists unparalleled resolution into how EEG brain dynamics change with age.


Identifying Pain with an Adaptive Brainwave Learning System


Researchers at MIT and Harvard used machine learning to detect and distinguish signals associated with pain when participants used Neurofeedback headgear.


Identifying Mental States with Machine Learning


Researchers at the University of Memphis and IBM Watson Research Center found that by using machine learning to analyse brainwave signals, while participants watched different videos, they could determine what type of content (emotional or educational) each participant was seeing.


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NeuroCorrect Neurofeedback Therapy


We all know our mind controls all aspects of our health and body. Different parts of the brain control different activities. Brain communicates through electrical impulses through the nerve fibers. These electrical impulses have patterns called brain waves and when working or firing correctly and efficiently, everything works great.


Unfortunately all of us experience or are exposed to any of the following in some part of our lives such as: drugs, vaccines, toxins, medications, physical and or emotional traumas or abuse, lack or too much exercise, unhealthy diets, stresses, bad postures and physical traumas. Such activities create dysregulated brain waves. These dysregulated brain waves then show up as neurological disorders. NeuroCorrect Neurofeedback Therapy is a tool used to evaluate and work on the dysregulated brain waves.


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